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Bree Nicholls


Founder, Coach Trainer

“Fuelled by inner strength, personal power, strong will and determination, the Lion’s mastery is achieved quietly, not through brute force.”

Bree Nicholls is our powerful, yet compassionate Lioness. She is relatable, dynamic, & masterful in her work. Bree works 1:1 with coaches and business owners, providing coaching and supervision to those who are working in the coaching, therapeutic and leadership fields. She is the creator, trainer & facilitator of The Being Way Coach Training certification. Bree is supportive as well as challenging and her process creates significant positive change for individuals, groups, and businesses. 


  • Bachelor of Counselling

  • ICF-certified Transformative Coach 

  • ICF Associate Certified Coach 


  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR)

  • 10-day Vipassana Course

  • InnerSense 6-day Residential Retreat with Dr Graham Mead

  • 10 years personal psychotherapy

  • 12 years in Corporate (Media)

  • 8 years therapeutic experience


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"The Magician"

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“The Moon”

Bree Nicholls


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