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The Being Way Coach Training is a 10-week online course led by the founder, Bree Nicholls.


The Being Way Method is grounded in deep presence and awareness, and uses coaching as well as therapeutic tools. Trainees use person-centered practices, coaching frameworks and tools from the following therapeutic modalities: Cognitive Behavourial Therapy, Inner Child Work, Narrative Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Mindfulness & Meditation.​

The training begins with an online foundational weekend learning the core pillars of person-centered therapy. Each week thereafter is spent learning the unique therapeutic modalities, as seen above.

Once the full training is completed, trainees are certified in The Being Way Method.

''I completed The Being Way Coach Training to improve my business consultation services, team leadership, and general life, listening, and conversation skills. The Coach Training course blew my mind. The way Bree has structured the learning material, classroom sessions, and practical assignments is incredibly effective. I felt that in ten weeks I could have left the course to confidently and safely pursue a career as a life coach, without any prior coaching experience, if that had been my objective. " Kit Watson, GM, JANDS

"I was in the August - October 2022 cohort of the Being Way Coach Training. I had been coached by Bree for 2.5 years at that time and experienced the powerful coaching method she developed which transformed my life. It felt like an inner calling to do the next step and become trained by Bree myself. The coach training has already had such a positive impact on my life: my relationship has improved, I use the coaching methods in the corporate business I work for which enhances my leadership skills, I made huge steps forward on my own healing and self-development journey AND I have already coached a few people that were absolutely amazed by the outcome of just one session. It doesn't matter what reasons you have to come on board: doing it for yourself, for work or to start/ enhance your coaching career - it will pay off." Denise Richter, Engineer

"Bree popped up on my IG feed with her online coaching programme – a moment of divine timing. From the first moment I met Bree online it was a full body YES, this is the person that I need to work with. Bree has a fantastic energy and a unique gift of cultivating space so you can find the answers within. The space, empathy, community, and her passion to create something truly unique you can see in all her work. Everything she does comes for her ‘why’. The whole process from start to finish was amazing and I felt hugely supported. Bree still to this day is supporting me from a far. From a professional point of view, my confidence is continuing to grow with Bree’s support. I am now working with several clients myself that have seen hugely positive feedback. It is without doubt that this is down to Bree seeing my potential and helping me open my awareness to it." Daniel Constable, Transformation Coach

Course cost: $4,500 + GST (NZD) Payment plans are available to suit your financial needs.

Next course dates: March - April 2024.

*Course dates may be subject to change.

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