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Kit Watson

​Online Life Coaching & Business Mentorship Testimonial

I started online life coaching with The Being Way during an eight-week lockdown early in 2020. Working with The Being Way has been completely transformational for me. The online format has never been at the detriment of the level of connection, experience, and life-changing work.

​Initially, I was apprehensive about the connection I would receive working in an online capacity. However, I live in the same area as my coach, and even after lockdown I still maintain my sessions online only. It saves me time, travel, and I love doing the work from the comfort of a private nook within my home. You will quickly discover that The Being Way coaches are there for you, wherever you are, to make you feel comfortable, heard, understood, loved, and in control of your own destiny backed with tools they guide you through to unlock your greatest potential.

​Since working with The Being Way, I have experienced enormous inner change. I started weekly life coaching sessions, which quickly moved to fortnightly, and then monthly as I grew more self-confident and -regulated. We have worked through self-worth, learning the fine art of boundary setting, tending to my inner child, building confidence, public speaking and conversation, relationship skills, and so many other life-changing tools.

A year in, I was in a completely different space. I was confident enough to follow my dreams and start my own business. This is when I moved into an online business mentorship program with The Being Way. This mentorship has been instrumental to the success I am seeing early in my business, and my ability to move into this new role as a business owner. We work at a deep level refining all areas of business from branding to professionalism.

I don’t have enough thank yous for The Being Way methodologies and coaches. I will continue to work with them as long as I can because of the inner and outer change and expansion I see as a result of the work we do together.​

Kit Watson

Business Owner, SideKit