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Denise Richter

Online 1:1 Coaching

I started my coaching journey with Bree in 2020. It was a challenging time since I had immigrated to New Zealand to live with my kiwi partner and tried to establish my life here while navigating through a lot of change (new home, new country, new day-to-day life, new job/ start of my career and ultimately the pandemic that cut me off from being able to travel back to my home country).

I am an engineer and scientist which makes me a critical thinker. What I appreciate about The Being Way's method is that it combines renowned methods and strategies of coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, as well as practises of mindfulness in a unique way.

I did my coaching with Bree. Bree has a very good intuition and knows where to pick people up on their journey, what they are ready for, where she can push them and where to stop, hold space and lift them up. The 1:1 coaching is a crucial element since the conversation is led by your input and you will be guided to open layers of yourself that you sometimes weren't even aware of.

Bree offers you prompts and asks questions that make you reflect deeply and come up with solutions that work for you and your situation. Often you will have the experience of revealing a truth that you kind of knew about deep down all along but couldn't access, which is a very empowering feeling. Bree is your coach, but you are definitely doing the heavy lifting. It is very brave to go on this journey since it can be very challenging, hurtful, and confronting, however the results speak for themselves.

I learned to take back the full responsibility for my life and feel way more in control. I met my inner child and am learning to see it, work with it and nurture it, which helps me to deal better with my attachment style, trust, and confidence. I am also learning to accept that I am a human with a spectrum of feelings. I am learning to not suppress those feelings but to recognise them, become more aware of patterns I learned, seeing them, and accepting them or establishing a new path if they don't serve me. All this work enables me to understand myself better and consequently the people around me.

The coaching over the past couple of years improved my relationships with my partner, family, friends and helps me to deal better with stress at work. I became more accepting and empathetic. I also enjoy that I am more and more able to 'coach myself' and to hold space for myself. I am aware now that this will be a journey that I am going to be on for the rest of my life - and I am excited and curious about it!

This was one of the best - if not the best - investment I have made in and for myself. I wish everybody would be able to pack their bags and go on this journey - I am sure that it would make the world a better place.

Denise Richter

Water/Civil Engineer

Ella Stuart

Online 1:1 Business Coaching

My journey with Bree as a Business Coach has felt incredibly natural and empowering from day dot.

In the time we've worked together, she's supported me with programme development, goal-setting, pricing and branding for my business. Bree helps me to 'zoom in and out' on what matters, enabling me to shift course a little or a lot at the right time in a rapidly evolving field.

Bree seems to be able to sense exactly what I need in every moment. If I'm struggling with a 'hot' thought or emotion, Bree gives me permission to move through this in safety before we focus on the business of the day. I always feel so much lighter afterwards and it opens up my capacity to work on what's next on the agenda.

I try to schedule a meeting with Bree every two months for a coaching 'tune up'. This allows me the space to create and implement strategies, make mistakes, identify new opportunities and learn on my own, while keeping my focus and intentions sharp. I highly recommend solo business owners to consider working with Bree and The Being Way.

Ella Stuart

Life & Business Coach, Bravely Coaching

Desley Eastwick

Online 1:1 Business Coaching

Meeting and connecting with Bree came at a time when I really needed it, it was if it was divine timing.

After connecting with Bree through a wellness programme I felt an instant pull towards her beautiful coaching style. It had been such a long time since someone helped me to hold space for myself, and ask the question, “what does my heart need right now?”

Soon after I began a six-month business coaching journey with Bree.

Each month Bree gently guided me towards a future I was wanting and dreaming of creating. Within each specific session I was able to gain clarity about my vision, what I valued about my future self and each gentle step has led me to creating my own business.

Bree’s gentle prompts supported me to gain confidence in myself, she was my cheerleader as I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the unknown.

Bree knew when I needed to take time to release what was in my mind before I could focus on my business coaching.

Bree’s own style - The Being Way is a beautiful coaching method that allowed me to fully embrace all the beautiful feminine qualities I have within, all while achieving my goal.

With so much love and gratitude. Desley

Desley Eastwick

Leadership & Life Coach


Online 1:1 Life & Business Coaching

I have had the pleasure of having Bree as my life coach for nearly 6 months now. We have been carrying out the sessions through Zoom, and whilst I must admit I was a bit sceptical about that part of it (having in the past worked with psychologists etc. face-to-face), it has been great. It's still felt very personal and real, and it means no travel time!

Bree is the most amazing human, and even if you don't work with her, anyone that she has representing The Being Way would be top-notch. I have trouble articulating my thoughts a lot of the time, and she's very intuitive about what I'm trying to say. We have done some inner child work, working on self-confidence, and she's helped me work through other personal and professional issues. I feel like a good life coach helps you get to where you want to be in your life! I wish Bree could be in my life every day, haha, but she gives you the tools to be able to help navigate life's journey, which kind of is the same! I'm so grateful for our paths crossing.

Highly recommend!!


Business Owner

Kit Watson

Online 1:1 Life & Business Coaching

I started online life coaching with The Being Way during an eight-week lockdown early in 2020. Working with The Being Way has been completely transformational for me. The online format has never been at the detriment of the level of connection, experience, and life-changing work.

​Initially, I was apprehensive about the connection I would receive working in an online capacity. However, I live in the same area as my coach, and even after lockdown I still maintain my sessions online only. It saves me time, travel, and I love doing the work from the comfort of a private nook within my home. You will quickly discover that The Being Way coaches are there for you, wherever you are, to make you feel comfortable, heard, understood, loved, and in control of your own destiny backed with tools they guide you through to unlock your greatest potential.

​Since working with The Being Way, I have experienced enormous inner change. I started weekly life coaching sessions, which quickly moved to fortnightly, and then monthly as I grew more self-confident and -regulated. We have worked through self-worth, learning the fine art of boundary setting, tending to my inner child, building confidence, public speaking and conversation, relationship skills, and so many other life-changing tools.

A year in, I was in a completely different space. I was confident enough to follow my dreams and start my own business. This is when I moved into an online business mentorship program with The Being Way. This mentorship has been instrumental to the success I am seeing early in my business, and my ability to move into this new role as a business owner. We work at a deep level refining all areas of business from branding to professionalism.

I don’t have enough thank yous for The Being Way methodologies and coaches. I will continue to work with them as long as I can because of the inner and outer change and expansion I see as a result of the work we do together.​

Kit Watson

Owner, SideKit

Elissa Jose

1:1 Business Coaching

Bree is an incredible person to have on your team. Before meeting with Bree I was feeling a bit lost on next steps to take with my young business but in only a short time working together the trajectory of my business has dramatically shifted and I feel really positive about where its heading.

Be it as a business mentor or coach, Bree effortlessly supports me with whatever I need on the day. Her multifaceted toolkit allows for all problems big and small to be tackled, while her ability to adapt to my business challenges and current personal state of reference ensures that our time together is valuable and that I always feel heard and supported.

From personal blocks to marketing strategies, I have been able to come away from working with Bree with greater understanding and clear actions. From our first session together, I felt more confident in myself, more sure in my business and more clear in the direction I needed to take. I can’t recommend her enough as a business mentor!

Elissa Jose

Transformational Coach & Rapid Transformational Therapist

Jessebel Chan

The Being Way Coach Training

I started working with Bree through The Being Way Life Coach Training earlier this year.

Bree's life coaching method is incredibly potent and unique. Over the course of 10 weeks, I have learned and honed many skills over this time. This coach training led by Bree is transformational and each week I learned more about myself without realising it.

This is an investment and has been worth every penny, Bree's feedback from assignments gave me so much insight on how to be a life coach that is present in the moment (and in my personal life too!!).

Bree's presence, energy, and skills are phenomenal, and I could not recommend this training enough.

Jessebel Chan

Business Owner & Coach


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