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The Human Experience is a channel where we acknowledge the experience of being human. We sit and welcome the messy, the beautiful, the painful, and the inspirational. How do we do this? Bree Le Roux sits and talks with a number of people on intimate and occasionally, taboo topics and we share these discussions with the wider public to create more normality and acceptance within the experience of being human.


How did this channel come about? Well, we love to see people in the full expression of their humanness, whether it’s when they are happy, sad, vulnerable or ignited. Nothing fulfills us more than witnessing a person being true to themselves and their experience or emotions. Add to the fact that when Bree was a little girl, she used to present her own talk shows (to imaginary people while she was jumping on the trampoline), and herein lies the creation of The Human Experience. 


We have a mission. And that mission is to shine a light on people. We want those watching to feel a little less alone, a little more connected, to have a lightbulb moment that, “maybe I am not so bad/unlovable/alone in this.” Check out some of our latest episodes.