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The Being Way is a deeper look into the present. It is a way to make sense of what is happening in the moment. Our clients often know where they want to go, they can sense or see the destination, but they are stuck with how to get to the place they want to be. They want to know what steps or actions to take.


Our method is anchored in the present and uses therapeutic techniques to dissolve roadblocks and challenges which are standing in the way of our client’s dreams. We look at clients’ challenges with new eyes, and our methods of inquiry result in awareness and perception shifts that lead to new, desirable pathways unfolding. It is the experience of being in the very moment that highlights the way forward. 

We use The Being Way methodology in 1:1 coaching, in workshops, and in collaborative well-being work with like-minded businesses who are aligned with our values.

Our values include authenticity, celebrating uniqueness, transparency, ethical practice, safety, inclusivity, ongoing learning, self-expression, and contribution.



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