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What value does having a life coach add to your life?

I’ve been a client of The Being Way for nearly 2 years. Little did I know that saying yes to one coaching session would be the catalyst for such magnificent reconnection to a more aligned, authentic version of me.

I hadn’t worked with a coach prior to this, so I went into my 1st session without knowing what to expect. The level of championing & support that I’ve received since has been life-changing, & I would love to illuminate a few ways I have felt that support so powerfully.

Inspiring Authenticity: There is something profound that happens when someone shows up in their absolute authenticity, without pretense or expectation. We’re all mirrors for each other, & there is a gift of radical acceptance being exchanged when someone shows up authentically because it inspires others to do the same. This reciprocity is one of my favorite parts of my personal experience with coaching. I can show up, exactly as I am, & I am met with acceptance. I can receive that gift of acceptance, & then extend it to others that I meet along the way.

Cultivating Creativity: What I’ve learned about creativity is that it’s like a fingerprint; it’s specific to you. Creativity exists in infinite forms; I think of it as a bit of your soul taking shape & nestling into the earth. Through coaching, I have rediscovered my creativity & explored the ways that it longs to take shape during my sessions. The co-creation that takes place between 2 people within a coaching container creates a fertile land where creativity is cultivated & can spring forth in new & unexpected ways.

Meeting with Compassion: The narrative therapy & inner child work that I’ve been introduced to via The Being Way has single-handedly transformed my ability to meet myself with compassion. I’ve learned the whole of me is greater than the sum of my parts, which has gifted me with a renewed sense of perspective when life feels out of alignment. By tuning in to all parts of myself with compassion, I get clear on what those parts of me want & need, & then I can respond to their desires in a way that feels true. I’ve learned that this powerful tool is accessible to me, every moment of every day.

Christianna x

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