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How seeing a life coach has changed my life.

When I first started as a client of The Being Way, I didn’t know what coaching was, or why I was doing it. What I did know is that I felt stagnant, misaligned with my values, and disconnected from my heart. It was as if I’d been on an extended trip away, and I couldn’t recall my address to return home. I was frantically searching for the directions to get me there but kept being misguided.

Enter The Being Way. For as much as I wanted to return home to myself, there was a lot of resistance to making the commitment to begin. I had a hunch I’d be jumping into discomfort and wasn’t sure I was prepared. After my first session with Bree, I could feel that maybe, just maybe, I’d find the address back home by committing to myself and to this process.

Each tool that Bree has carefully curated to create The Being Way method has helped me in this journey back home to myself. The Being Way isn’t about providing tips and tricks, or a magic wand approach to healing. What it has been for me is an opportunity to reacquaint myself with my values; to reconnect to my heart; to live a more embodied experience that moves me closer and closer to the life that I dream of.

Through Narrative Therapy, Inner Child Work, Narrative & Gestalt Therapy, and Mindfulness modalities in The Being Way, I find myself able to tap into compassion for every part of myself. It’s an ongoing process, and there has been a lot of discomforts, but I’ve also found so much joy in this journey of returning home to myself.

Christianna x

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