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How do I run a successful business from home?

I have managed to successfully set up, run and expand my business from home since its inception in June 2019. Over this time I have come to figure out what works for me (and what doesn't) and today I am sharing these best tried and true strategies of working from home successfully with you.

Here goes:

Start each day with how you mean to go on. Begin your morning with a ritual that is special to you, whether it’s a sunrise walk, a pot of tea outside, or a breathing exercise. Meditate... Even for 10 minutes. This will distill your mind and provide clarity and focus throughout the rest of your day.

In terms of your work for the day, start somewhere, anywhere! By beginning, you will soon find yourself on a roll.

Create a set time for chores, so they don't distract you.

Find a place outside of the home where you can tap more deeply your right brain (creation, intuition, imagination). This will help if you need to create or conceptualize. Anywhere in nature usually helps!

Find the place where your left brain thrives (logical, analytical, systemic) when you need to do action-oriented tasks.

Stop saying yes to everybody. When you first start working from home it can be easy to fall into a trap of saying yes to all the things while your work gets neglected.

Decide which are your working days and which aren’t. I take Fridays off as my pleasure days.

Give yourself permission to rest when you need it… You might be surprised to find that you become more productive.

Work in harmony with your own energy levels.

And finally, don’t compare yourself to others. No one is doing what you do, and no one can do exactly what you do. Stay in your lane, and breath in your own inspiration. We need what you have.

Bree x

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