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3 prompts for you to connect with your heart over your head

Over time, I have learned more and more to make decisions from my heart over my head. Even as I write that now, I think jeez it sounds so obvious written down - like why wouldn't I make all my decisions from there?

My heart represents my truest, purest most longed-for desires. The head - in my case - is often where my fear brain has its freakouts, which makes sense as that is where the amygdala is found (the place which processes fearful and threatening stimuli). My beautiful amygdala formed many thousands of years ago wants to protect me at all costs. Survival is the baseline on which it thumps.

This is why it is good to have a harmonious balance between the two. We need both. The quest of the heart, and the protection of the head. For them to be working together as a team, not opposed against each other.

Because the head, arguably, gets the most attention, today I am sharing the most effective tool I have up my sleeve. How to tune into and move from the heart space. This is MY GUIDE. It's my compass, it's my place of home, and all I know to be true. I always need to tune into my heart first and foremost before I decide to do anything. It's how I know WHAT I want to do. Then, I can invite in the head to fall into line with the plan, and help from a focused and intentional point of view rather than haphazardly creating distress and fear at every turn.

Check out these journaling prompts to move you into your heart space.

If I am honest with my heart at this moment, what is it that I am needing?

If I am honest with myself at this moment, what is it that I am really wanting?

How can I act on my wants and my needs at this moment?

Bree x

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