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Christianna Hazelip

“The Star”

Life Coach

"If the tarot Star card represents a person, it's someone who inspires reflection, making you ponder where you are in life and where you really want to go." 

Stepping into the coaching space with Christianna is an opportunity to drop into deep reverence. She is a deep and respectful listener and is supportive and creative in the way she approaches her work, finding a powerful sense of wonder in word play. Christianna moves from her heart, is deeply inspired by the interconnectedness and ancient wisdom of the natural world and is passionate about people experiencing the lasting change that comes from returning home to yourself. Christianna has seen firsthand how The Being Way has unlocked in her the power to change her life and is delighted to share this powerful method of homecoming with others.

Qualifications and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of English in Editing, Writing, and Media

  • Pursuing a Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology

  • Yale University's Science of Wellbeing Course

  • Certified in The Being Way Coach Training


Christianna Hazelip

“The Star”

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