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The Being Way Coach training is a 9-week live, online course that culminates in certification in The Being Way. The course is led by the founder, Bree Nicholls via Zoom and is intimate in style, for optimal learning outcomes, with no more than 6 students at a time. 

This carefully curated Life Coaching method is grounded in deep presence and awareness, with several modalities to call upon depending on how your client is moving through the process. We use client-centered practice as our foundation while interweaving CBT, inner child work, narrative therapy, gestalt therapy, mindfulness, and guided meditation when called, with a coaching framework to guide you and the client through the expansion & contraction of the session - beginning, middle, end. 

Once the full training is completed, you are certified in The Being Way Coach Training.

"Due to the incredibly loving and safe space you created all of us could show up as we are. I loved the authenticity and the support of the whole group. I liked the most that you honored the uniqueness of each student and being trained over zoom didn't take away any connection.”

"It was open, collaborative, gentle, FUN, experiential, heart-led. The material was powerful and taught with such care. I liked the "structure" of the coaching framework and your tweaks to it, and how it provides just that - a framework so we're not just thrown to the wolves!"

"MY GOD WORTH EVERY PENNY/CENT/DOLLAR!! IT really is an investment not only in my career and training, but the tools are simply invaluable for myself as well."

"You are a masterful facilitator. I admire how you hold this space for us as a group and make sure that every one of us feels 'seen' and celebrated, just as we are."

"I really like the way you give feedback, not just on the assignments but also during the training sessions. What it says to me is that throughout the training process you are focused on guiding your students to succeed."

"It was small, intimate, rich and even online felt like a real in-person class."

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